HTML to PDF conversion in JAVA | HTML to PDF example in JAVA

HTML to PDF conversion is the most searched topics on google by Java developers. So I am going to explain steps to do it with example of code.

Step 1 : In step one we will render html object like browser render it, so that DOM(Document Object Model) can be clean and fire events like “document ready” and “body onload”. We can do it with help of htmlunit and htmlcleaner jars . To learn how to do it please click on below link.

How to render HTML in java

Step 2 : If you do not want to render html string and only wants to convert it to PDF as is, then you can avoid step 1 and convert that HTML string into DOM with help of DocumentBuilder.

DocumentBuilder db = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance().newDocumentBuilder();
InputSource is = new InputSource();
is.setCharacterStream(new StringReader(""));
Document document = db.parse(is);

Step 3 :In step three we will convert that rendered/parsed object into PDF with help of Itext and CoreRenderer Jars. Below is the code given for it.

ITextRenderer renderer = new ITextRenderer();
File pdfFile = new File(filePath+pdfFileName);
OutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(pdfFile);
rootLogger.debug("Before create PDF with file name --> "+pdfFileName);
rootLogger.debug("After create PDF with file Name -->"+pdfFileName);

This is it now you have converted PDF object.
Jars required for this are :

  1. Itext
  2. CoreRenderer

Please Ask Questions or give suggestions through comments in below section .

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